Terry Richardson

Richo Surf Design Australia

I began shaping at 15yrs old in my mum's sunroom!! Pro surfing was a thought that couldn't be conceived. I just wanted to see if I could do what i thought was an impossible task for a kid from Towradgi. 

3 years later I'm at Bells Beach with one of my shapes. 5 years later I'm in Bali, doing my first movie and getting barrelled on my favourite board. I competed and surfed around the planet from there on gaining valuable information from my fav shapers, design people (Al Merrick), Nev Hyman, Ben Aipia, Jim Pollard, Jack Night, Graham Smith. Honing my skills, taking things from each, to develop my own style and individual trademark shapes. 

I found my neish '79' Jack Night helped me design a twinny that terrorised eastern Australia contests. I absolutely loved twinnies, and they me. Speed was the essence! Dereck Hyned and Gary Timperly, I idolised from afar! Their twinny attack was lightning fast and dynamic! I followed their lead and through my 360 attack in the mix, forehand and backhand! 

This enabled me to numerous Aussie titles, Bells 3rd, 2SM Coke surfbat 3rd.

In 82 I designed a new updated design which gave me my 1st OM Bali Pro & 1st Brazil Pro contest results and 7th in world. Being my best rating ever!

I loved professional surfing, I retired in 88 after finding a young Matt Archibold, and put him onto one of my channel bottom designs, which catapulted him into world fame and domination with his fantastic style and speed. He blew minds all over the world with my six channel bottom design boards. I continue doing these one of's for selected people. My win of the inaugural 'Oxybow World Masters' was the highlight of my career! Surfing a favourite pintail designed from one of my Aussie pipe favourite shapes. Now find myself shaping current shapes and retro Bonzers, twinnies and channel models. And loving it! Enjoy.


ps. come for a ride!!

Richo's Book

From Michael Peterson to Kelly Slater, single-fins to computerised shaping, from Aussie Pipe to Banzai, Richo held his own. This is the inside-out story of professional surfing from one of the sport's great survivors.

Terry was the only one in the history of professional surfing, with the possible exception of Kelly Slater, who surfed brilliantly both on the face and in the pocket.”  

- Derek Hynd