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How we uncovered some bloody bonzer photos.

Research has a way of rewarding you in ways you can’t anticipate. One of the essential conversations for the book was with Duncan Campbell, of the infamous Campbell Brothers who invented the bonzer and have since spent a lifetime championing the design. After quizzing Duncan about our shared history, he dropped a nugget of pure gold. ‘Do you remember the photos of Craig Fineman?’

Craig was an American who began visiting the North Shore of Hawaii in 1973, getting into photography in 1977 and capturing winter seasons through to the early nineties. ‘Fineman was a Pipeline/Rocky Point guy.’ He died in 2001, only 51. Duncan had been friends with Fineman since school, and often helped him in Hawaii processing black and whites. When Fineman died Duncan became custodian of his photographic collection. ‘Terry made a real difference in our surfing lives. You can have whatever you like.’

The kids were let loose in the lolly shop! Duncan began sending through shots of 1981 Pipe Masters, crew hanging at Sunset, quiver shots. ‘Do you have any of Col Smith in 1977?’ Duncan shot back: ‘I’m looking at them right now.’

The results are treasure and they’re in the book.

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