Richo's Surf  Boards

100% hand shaped by Richo

Bonza Retro Board

Richo can create your Bonza retro board in classic old school style or the modern-day high performance Bonza. Beirne Bakers timeless shot of the Bonza in action at Rocky Point, these shots speak for themselves. 


Channel Board

Very few people can reproduce the classic channel bottom board like Richo. After 40 years of honing his craft, he truly is an expert.

Call Richo to get the best channelboard on the planet.

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Twin Fin Board

Twinnies have come and gone in popularity and resurged with a vengeance in the modern era. Richo’s belief in the twin fin board has never altered ever since his 4 final wins at events such as OM Bali Pro and Brazilian World Pro event.

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Standard Custom Board

In the 80’s Richo was making the highest performance boards for the pros on tour.
Every decade since, he has been producing high-performance boards that are still being seen under the feet of influential surfers such as Matt Archbold, Layne Beachley, Barton Lynch and perfect for the everyday surfer.

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